Pandemics, global health and consumer choices

Pandemics, global health and consumer choices

Géneros: Divulgación. Autores: Cynthia Schuck Paim y Wladimir J. Alonso. Formatos: Digital. Idiomas: Inglés. Código:

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«This short book was written in late March 2020, during
the coronavirus pandemic that has shaken humanity
out of its routine. As we write these lines, we join
billions of people in the hope that the losses brought
about by this crisis in the coming weeks, and months,
be as low as possible.
This book also addresses this pandemic, but it does
not contain formulas or advice on how to overcome
it. What we do, in the following pages, is to take the
opportunity to foster a discussion on how to reduce the
chances of this type of catastrophe occurring again in
the future, and how each of us can play an active role
in this regard.
The good news is that – as the reader will see – even
when discussing the threats posed by emerging pandemics,
epidemics, and infectious disease outbreaks,
there is reason to be hopeful and optimistic. Fortunately,
reducing many of the risks posed by new pathogens
and other global health challenges depends
on human action. And humanity has already proven
to be ingenious enough to successfully overcome even
more difficult challenges when we rise to the occasion.
We hope you enjoy the book,
Cynthia e Wladimir»