The Moral Importance of Small Animals

The Moral Importance of Small Animals

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The thesis is about the moral importance of ‘small animals,’ by which I mean invertebrates such as insects, spiders, earthworms, and snails, but not micro-organisms, such as amoebas or bacteria. I focus on the sentientist approach to moral importance and investigate the moral importance of small animals on the basis of that they may be able to have morally relevant negative mental states. I argue that, on such an assumption, one can at least say that small animals have a claim to virtue ethical significance. At least, it is a requirement of a morally decent (or virtuous) person that she pays attention to and is cautious regarding small animals in a morally relevant way, that she allows them to affect her moral-psychological life. For the person who does not already consider small animals in this way, this could plausibly be a big change in her moral psychology.